Measure My Wrist

Edifice Australia provides a free link adjustment for your watch to ensure maximum use and reduce hassle. We will arrange your watch to be resized before it is shipped if you fill in the box prior to checkout.

Download measurement guide here, print and use the guide below for an accurate wrist measurement.


  1. Print in full A4 size page, go to the ‘Printing Option’ and ensure that page scaling is set to ‘none’ or scale to 100% for most accurate measurement.

  2. Cut ruler along lines.

  3. Starting at ‘START' (0 cm), center wrist ruler on the side of your wrist, using your thumb to hold it in place.

  4. Use your remaining fingers to position it where your timepiece would comfortably fit along your wrist (not too tight/ not too loose)

  5. Read your measure at the point where it wraps on START. If your wrist is in between two different sizes, include the millimeters (mm) in your measurement (e.g: 15.40cm)

The Edifice "Measure My Wrist" guide is an indicative guide only and therefore may not be an exact measure at times. Alternatively, you can send back to us and we will take care of it! Please note that any jeweller/ watch repair can take links out for a small fee.